Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Called to Love

Called to Love is the Scottish Catholic Education Service (SCES) relationships and moral education programme that is set to be rolled out in Scotland following piloting in a number of Scottish secondary schools. I was at one of their training days last week. Like any new resource it will need to be reviewed and polished but it is set to allow Scottish Catholic schools to deliver a comprehensive, stimulating for pupils ( a lot depends on the teacher delivery of course!) and orthodox programme from S1 - S6 on relationship and sex education. SCES have managed to get the Scottish Government to realise that relationships and sex are indisolvable, they now realise that even in non-denominational schools that teaching relationships and sex independently is artificial.

The programme recieved a glowing endorsement in a letter from the Vatican. It has attracted interest from the U.S, Eire, England, Norway and the Called to Love training has been attended by staff from non-denominational schools.

A couple of taster pages to give you a flavour - Key Messages, How far is too far?

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