Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Plan to Drop age of consent rejected

As we dust ourselves down from the disapointments of the HF&E divisions we can partially console ourselves with the news one piece of proposed mad legislation has been headed off at the pass this week. Regretably this proposal got the stamp of approval from the Church of Scotland, John Knox doubtless birling in his grave. To be fair I have no doubt a large number of the kirk in the pews don't agree with this.

THE Scottish government has rejected a proposal to decriminalise sex between consenting partners under the age of 16.
Children’s commissioner Kathleen Marshall was among those backing the change, which would have effectively lowered the age of consent among couples as young as 13.
It was proposed last year by the Scottish Law Commission as part of reforms to sexual offence laws aimed primarily at improving the low conviction rate for rape.
The commission proposed decriminalising sex between 13 to 15-year-olds — ending all prosecutions provided sex was consensual and the age gap not more than two years.

Plan to drop age of consent rejected


Anonymous said...

Uff thank goodness for that. I even wrote a letter, which I usually mean to do and don't get round to.

Have given you a link. We have about five readers, but it's the thought that counts, right? You can tell me what I guessed right and what not ...

Anonymous said...

Actually I'm hugely sceptical about the value of having an "age of consent" at all. In practice all such laws do is legalise immoral behaviour (fornication, pornography, etc.) over the age of sixteen (or whatever it is).