Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Bishop reignites row over faith schools

Bishop reignites row over faith schools

“What could not have been foreseen was the number of non-Catholic parents who have chosen to send their children to this Catholic secondary school as a result of its achievements and record of academic excellence. While this has created problems of accommodation, it is perhaps also something to celebrate as a tribute to Catholic education, particularly at a time when faith schools are under increasing attack from political and secular-atheist enemies.

My own school is around a third non-Catholic pupils due to increasing placement requests. In many ways this is a good thing, but it does make teaching R.E. and celebrating liturgy more challenging (than it already is!)

The article then concludes with the UK media obligatory anti religion view. Astonishingly, the Times goes for a quote from Lorraine Kelly, who as far as I know has no qualification or noted experience in the fields of education or religion, her credentials to pontificate on this issue are..she is a GMTV presenter. My only surprise is that Accord weren't asked for their view

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