Tuesday, 16 September 2008


Sleep pattern irreversably damaged.

Will post this then try to sleep!

The more I teach, the more I think this is true.

Teenagerism Not So Inevitable…

BY Holly Pierlot

I suggest teenagerism is really a cultural phenomenon that is not necessarily linked to hormonal growth or age, and that we have been conditioned to think this is “normal.”

Teenagerism not so inevitable


Jackie Parkes said...

Well I have 5 teenagers! Yikes! Love your blog..will add you to my links..perhaps you might do the same?

la mamma said...

Hello there. Teenagers, eh? I've no idea - my eldest is 5 - though, like the Ubermamma, Jackie P, I will have five teenagers one day! I'm intrigued: whence commeth the Benedictine twist? School? Pluscarden? Go on - post and explain!

The Cellarer said...


Thanks, will add you to my blogroll when I get a chance to add one.

The Cellarer said...

la mamma,

Will try to do so in the next few days if mini cellarer 3 continues to sleep as well as he has already, 3-4 hours at a go already!