Saturday, 18 October 2008

Are you Holy Invested

Are you Holy Invested? - (Scroll down to programme)
Fr Thomas Loya is a Byzantine Catholic Priest who's Light of the East radio programme has been going for ages and is well worth a listen.

He has relatively recently started a show 'Body of Truth' which predominatly looks at Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Again, it's well worth a listen.

Fr Tom has taken a slight detour and has a look at the current economic crisis with Gina Emrich of Epiphany Funds (a fund which invests according to Catholic priciples, e.g boycotts firms funding Planned Parenthood and looks at a firms entire business practices, how we got here and how to get ourselves out of it.

Key points -

i) It's up to every individual to spend and invest wisely, indiviuals acting make the difference - that means you!

(ii) Communism failed. Capitalism only concerned with profit and quick return has failed. We have to treat money as a gift to be stewarded responsibly with God at the centre of our actions. (Part of what Fr Tom refers to as the 'liturgical sacramental worldview)

Our bodies hold the answers to all of life’s questions. Decoding these answers is at the heart of John Paul II's Theology Of The Body. More than a commentary on human sexuality the Theology Of The Body is a delivery system for the sacramental-liturgical world view. With the Theology Of The Body as our starting point this program, A Body Of Truth, will reach deep into the sum total of the Church’s wisdom, the Scriptures, the human experience and irrefutable science to put together a vision of the human person; “an adequate anthropology” as the late Pope John Paul II himself called it. Welcome to A Body Of Truth.

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