Saturday, 25 October 2008

As One Who Has Slept

At Laodicea, they are promising Coming soon: the best piece of music in the world, ever?

I was listening to Desert Island Discs on the way to work the other day which prompted me to think what would I nominate for best piece of music in the world, ever?

Well, I'm going for 'As one who has slept' - John Tavener

The mood of As One Who Has Slept, taken from the great liturgy of St. Basil on Easter Saturday morning, is full of awe, silence and expectation. The atmosphere is deeply solemn as we stand before the greatest mystery of our salvation.

This is the album version (not great sound quality)

And a version recorded in Hagia Sophia


derya said...

Beautiful song and beautiful place..

Anonymous said...

My problem is I can't separate the music from the image of the guy who wrote it. Even if I could, Taverner would be along with the Allegri miserere - i.e. not along with the Byrd. No really,listen to the Byrd again and again. And especially the harmonic scrunches on "dona nobis pacem" - over and over again, scrunch and resolution, scrunch and resolution, first in different places then at the end over that sustained bass note... aj.