Sunday, 12 October 2008


Over at Mulier Fortis and In Hoc Signo Vinces there has been some (justifiable) ranting about the BBC.

I clocked the BBC article about the Codex but was in a good enough mood at the time to simply roll my eyes, shake head ruefully and move on.

I'm fed up of the BBC inviting (a) secular fundamentalists on to verbally abuse the religious speaker, or (b) inviting Catholics (with views that fly in the face of Catholic teaching) on to misrepresent the faith, or (c) two on in the hope they can spark a Catholic rammy.

Here are my top (bottom?) three BBC lowlights

1 - Christine Odone throws rattle from pram in direction of Fr Patrick Burke (b), (c), albeit Fr Burke's performance is a highlight

2- Peter Stanford has (Eastern) Orthodox priest nearly combust and exclaim 'I feel I have more in common with my Janist sister! (other guest)(b) - You need to scroll to 18 Feb - BBC Radio 4 - Beyond Belief

3 - Peter Atkins rants, sneers, laughs at and generally disrespects an Anglican Bishop on Radio 4's Sunday programme. (a) Atheist Fundamentalism

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