Thursday, 16 October 2008

Blog Crunch

Never mind the credit crunch, having seen two clerical blogs, Semper Eadem, South Ashford priest go to the wall and Rise and Pray announcing it's intention to fold, are we now about to see that other feature of the credit crunch hit the Catholic blogworld, mergers?

Could we be about to see;

Catholic Mom Loving it! (English family blog merger)

ninety six and Laodicea (Scottish academics blog merger)

and in a market shaking super traditional merger to create the behemoth -

What does the Hermenutic of Muller Fortis Really Say? (slavishly accurate descriptions of cats from a traditional perspective)


la mamma said...

Hello cellarer! I haven't been over here for a while and see you're a little short on comments, so I thought I'd just write one to say DON'T DELETE YOUR BLOG! I like it, so keep going, please!

cath said...

Well I can't imagine how the Laodiceans might feel about that, but I'm flattered :)

cath said...

Although - on second thoughts - you're inducing an identity crisis. Presumably I'm only an honorary member of the Catholic blogworld, or should I start seriously beefing up my theological content?

Anonymous said...

Phew. So glad I wasn't included in a merger!

Mac McLernon said...

Hmmmnnn. I'm exceptionally honoured but I do think your suggestion for a merger lacks a certain je ne sais quoi...

How about What does the Holy Smoking Hermeneutic of Mulier Fortis really say about St Mary Magdalen?


The Cellarer said...

La Mamma, thanks for your kind words, even if few people read this and my purpose is to occasionally provide stuff for blogs that people actually read (Ms Parkes and Mr Preece!) then that's fine.

Cath, a most welcome honorary member, and don't worry, your content is sufficently beefy to go over my wee head!

Mark, No merger, perhaps you could review your decision to stop blogging!

Mac, that indeed would be the last word in traditional blogging!

Anonymous said...

nope, though I am twitching that no-one has done a blow-by-blow review of the nasty "'green' Sunday" proposals.

Seminarian Matthew said...

Greetings on the Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque (1962 Calendar):

I wish to take this opportunity to welcome you to St. Blog's Parish Directory. Clever post.

Laudetur Jesus Christus!

Jackie Parkes said...

Good idea really! Then I wouldn't have to do any posts! lol