Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Cardinal O Brien counters the Culture of Death

All the usual suspects in the blogosphere are carrying our Cardinal's open letter to Gordon Brown

The letter reminds me of his homily at my Post Grad graduation, absolutely no punches pulled at all. May God grant him many years!

Speaking to the Graduates themselves, the Cardinal asked them how authentic they were in terms of being witnesses to their faith – asking them to think as to whether or not their knowledge of the faith had grown over the years; and also if their practice of the faith had increased in relationship to their knowledge, as they realized the importance of their mission at the heart of the Church.

Speaking of the pupils with whom they would come into contact, the Cardinal also reminded the Graduates that home conditions were not as they once were; social conditions in our cities and towns had deteriorated dreadfully and he indicated that we know from the mass media of the numbers of very young people almost immediately caught up in the drink and drugs culture and the abuse of their gift of sex.

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Mac McLernon said...

The usual suspects??? Suspected of what, pray tell...