Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Recieved the following reply to my letter

Thank you for your most recent email and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you.

I will reply to the points you raised.

First of all on my attendance at the debate. You may not be aware that parliamentary business in only agreed a week in advance (if you watch Business Questions at 11.30am on Thursday, you will hear the leader of the House outlining it for the next week). We get a provisional note some ten days ahead. Therefore it is not always possible to guarantee attendance at any particular item of business on a given day. You can be assured that my other business was important.

On the wider issue of voting for the general principles of the Bill. I appreciate your views which are obviously strongly held and I will take them into account when I come to vote on the remaining stages of the Bill when it comes back to the House of Commons provisionally scheduled for week next Wednesday. However, I would hope that you will also appreciate that I have to take into account a wide range of representations I have received on this matter as well as listening to my own conscience on the matter.

Thank you for your comments.

Anne McGuire

I explicitly asked a second time for an answer on how she would have voted on the abortion time limit divisions and have for a second time had no reply. I am going to ask even more explicitly a third time whilst following SPUC's guidelines for action prior to Wed 22's third reading - I would encourage (is there anyone out there?) you all to do the same.

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Ma Tucker said...

What a strange reply. It is hard to see any Catholicism operating here. Her views seem to promote the ascendancy of her own personal conscience, veritable protestantism. She has become her own little god, knowing good from evil as the serpent would put it.

This HFE Bill is the most evil thing the UK government has ever promoted in all it's history. God will not be mocked. I hope she repents for her own sake.