Monday, 20 October 2008

Life is Precious

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The Mini Cellarer is on the mend, still getting oxygen and some milk through tubes, he's just got to weather the virus out.

I stopped in the Hospital Chapel briefly before returning Home, they have Books of Rememberance, one of which is specifically for stillborn and newborn children. The cliche is true, a hundred deaths are a statistic, one is a tragedy - as I read a few of the writings of the bereaved, usually with a photograph of the baby it really hit home how precious life is - it's worth fighting for.

If you haven't contacted your MP yet, please do so before Wednesday.

This icon comes from "Orthodox Christians for Life," a pro-life Orthodox Christian group.

I find this icon very profound, despite any issues with its lack of conformity to particular canons.

In the center of the icon you have "Jesus Christ, the Author of Life". In his right hand, he makes the gesture that signifies His holy Name raised in blessing. In His left hand, He bears the image of a child, a fetus or "little one" in utero.

Our Lord holds this child in His hands, despite its temporary residence in the womb of his or her mother (the umbilical cord). We remember that all unborn children are created by God and earthly parents as unique and unrepeatable human beings. Each person is marked and formed by the Word of God in his life. No child is forgotten, especially not by Our Lord.

As we gaze upon this image, may we say a prayer today for at least one mother who is considering abortion. That Our Lord, the Author of Life who held her in His hands at one time, will give her courage and strength to treasure the great gift of life that has never left His hands and yet resides peacefully waiting for the fullness of time in the temple of her body.

Through the prayers of the Theotokos and all the saints have mercy on us and save us, O Lord!

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Hope the wee one gets well soon!