Saturday, 11 October 2008

Please Pray for a New Born Baby

If you havent already read this at Fr Anthony's blog

It is now about 1:15 am. I just came back from the hospital baptizing a new born baby. The baby is very very sick. I also gave him the Sacrament of Confirmation & Anointing of the Sick. Please pray for him and for his family in this very difficult time.

I also visited & blessed the baby I baptized on Octeber 9 in the hospital. He is doing very well. Thanks for your prayers. When I baptized him on the 9th, I added the name "John" after his legal name to honour of St. John Leonardi.

When I confirmed the new born baby tonight, I gave him the confirmation name "John" in honour of Blessed John the XXIII.

Please pray for the 2 babies & the family. Thank you.

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