Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Many opting to keep Downs Babies Humanist Comments

A Norwegian Humanist blog picked up on my post, the translator tool I used wasn't entirely successful, a couple of points from what I got;

The reason I put "usual anti life BBC slant" is this is a typical example where the BBC take a report where the results / findings / comments are pro life (albeit they usually ignore such items) and bolt on an anti life slant on it, i.e the insinuation of 'pressed ahead... despite', i.e. the accepted wisdom is that people generally automatically opt for an abortion where there is a positive test. I can't believe The Downs Syndrome Association would use this phrase.

Secondly, 'conservative Catholic Blog' - induced much laughter! - I'm no stereotypical conservative traddie or liberal or even compromise, just orthodox in belief thank you very much!

Great to see debate on the matter, religious, secularists and humanists ignoring each other will solve nothing.

If either of the readers of this blog, or the blog owner in question can give me an English translation of the post, I would be very interested to read it.


Anonymous said...

An interesting case from the BBC, though with an uncomfortable twist:

"More Down's syndrome babies are being born than before pre-natal screening became widespread, figures show.

The UK saw 749 Down's births in 2006, up from 717 in 1989 when tests came in."

The source is a survey performed by the British “The Down's Syndrome Association”, and the article contains comments from a series of parents stating the grounds for their decision.

Thus far all is well. (And a positive surprise.) I am on the other hand (like Cellarer at the conservative Catholic blog How The Weat Was Lost, where I found the article) both fascinated and surprised at the strange transition the BBC makes between the aforementioned figures and the comments made by the parents.

"The Down's Syndrome Association surveyed 1,000 parents to find out why they had pressed ahead with a pregnancy despite a positive test result."

Which gives birth to the following question: Are they deliberately being nasty or does that kind of thing come naturally to them? If so could one consider… what’s it called … yes … to … think?

Lord Buckethead said...

Just thought I should mention that the post above is my attempt at a translation of the Norwegian blog post. And not made by the author himself. Hope it makes sense to you.

The Cellarer said...

Many thanks Lord Buckethead.

The Norwegian blog picked up on the contradiction between the BBC opening comment and the parents comments, and expressed surprise, while I, along with many of you, know, that this is the standard BBC anti life, anti religion slant.

Arnfinn Pettersen said...

Thanks to Lord Buckethead for the translation. I have only one small complaint. I would not translate "forundret" as "surprised", but rather as "baffled" or "astounded", though none of them carries the exact connotations of "forundret". It was meant slightly sarcastic and I hope my Norwegian readers got that.

Because, like The Cellarer, I'm not really surprised. Only saddened that an institution like the BBC would use such words about fellow human beings.

And I apologize to our host for calling him "conservative". As a (political) conservative myself, it was not negatively meant. And it reflects at certain difference between ways of talking about religion in Norwegian and English. When used about religion in Norwegian, it usually means "orthodox". And if I had written about you in English, that is the word I would have used.

Great blog, though. And the name of the blog is the envy of many.

The Cellarer said...

No apology required! Thanks for the kind comments, now just waiting for a large cash offer from someone for the blog domain name!