Friday, 28 November 2008

Parish Crawl

Probably a bit self indulgent (It's my blog!) but I'm going to trawl my old parishes.

First up is St Joesph's Bonnybridge. Not strictly my parish, as my childhood parish was St Helen's Bonnybridge, but St Joesph' was a simiar distance from my front window as the photograph, but we faced it straight on to the front. I've always wondered if it was some sort of sign, or more likely a wee joke upstairs that I would end up in the Catholic Church having seen it everytime I left the front door!

Church built 1925 - "Italianate aisled Church and priest's house, in brick and cream render, with louvered bell tower, on hill with appropriate evergreens bringing a touch of Tuscany to northern parts. In front, impressive perron stair flanking small shrine; church hall below." (Falkirk and District - an illustrated architectural guide. Richard Jacques 2001 -

In one of those quirks of fate, I have actually been back a couple of years ago on an education Sunday representing the school.

The website has quite a few photographs, including a timeline of photo's with some particularly striking alterations pre and post Vat II (those of you with a traditionalist bent are advised to proceed with caution!) The one bit that struck me was on the now removed ornate rederos ' they had to be removed due to woodworm'. Hmmmmm. A likely story.

There is also an allegation we have one of their banners from Pope John Paul II's visit at our school! I've not seen it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cellarer, I'm the 'webmaster' (what a title!) for the St Joseph's website. Glad you picked up on it and hope it was informative - as for the woodworm - sad, but true. I spoke to the guy who had to remove it and he got hell from his elderly mother for 'ruining her church'. Re the banner - I'm just reporting what I was told!

The Cellarer said...

Thanks for info.

As you probably know, we are moving to new school in June and all sorts of interesting old artefacts are turning up, maybe the banner will surface!