Thursday, 6 November 2008

Stop blogging - all of you!

Andrew Keen wants me (and maybe you) to stop blogging!

or listen here

Their radical democratic dream has, unfortunately, become our collective nightmare. The enormous popularity of Web 2.0 technology has meant that the cult of the amateur has gone mainstream and is now seriously dumbing-down our culture. Today’s Internet is democracy gone wild. There are now billions of free blog diaries, free YouTube videos, free Facebook pages, free flickr photographs, free Wikipedia entries, even free self-authored pornography, but less and less authoritative or beautiful content on the Internet. The web has become a cacophony of unregulated, personalized, often anonymous and generally worthless opinion in which everyone is talking simultaneously but nobody is listening to anyone else. Rather than a democratic utopia of creative amateurs, this self-broadcasting Internet revolution is actually leading to mass ignorance and to a pervasive culture of digital narcissism.


Berenike said...

You taken that to heart then?

gemoftheocean said...

KEEP BLOGGING!!!!! [Sorry, I'd missed your earlier comment on my blog, but finally found it!


[And big 10-4 on "no merger" :-D ]