Friday, 6 March 2009

All Change!


The better half is from, as ex PP put it, 'Holy Catholic Ireland' ( ex PP said with eyes buried in forehead!) and as we now have 3 small children we have decided to move to somewhere closer to the ferry home.

As luck would have it at the same time a job in the Catholic school for the area has come up and have managed to get an interview. Prayers from either of you readers appreciated.

It's been madly busy at work between Lent organisation, retreats and work on new school- with interview looming the internet will be pretty much for swotting up for interview.


Mac McLernon said...

Good luck. Let us all know how you get on...

(And you and the family are in my prayers)

Anonymous said...

Would you mind updating to my new blog?

The Cellarer said...



The Cellarer said...

Erm, done now, don't know what went wrong the first time!