Friday, 31 July 2009

How the South will be lost

There has been no posting for a while as we moved to the South West of Scotland at the beginning of June and were in packing hell and unpacking hell until last week. I had to prepare for an interview in the last week of term as the school as I was working in moved from old building to new one (something I have been involved in for the last two years). I was succesful in getting the P.T's post so have had to sort out my old school affairs as I only had two and a half days before term ended. Archdiocese have posted guards with pitchforks on main arterial routes back to St A&E. Laptop died. Broadband took ages to connect. Both sons had chickenpox. Wife got shingles.

So it's been busy.

The really bad news is have new, fast, p.c. so posts may be more frequent.