Thursday, 17 September 2009

Vista. Grr.

Vista decided to stick in config updates loop. Some photo's not backed up so hard disc out to haul files off. Vista reinstall. Drivers reinstall. Auto update switched off..

Think I'm going to put XP on after the following liturgy

Do you reject Vista?

I do.

And all it's works?

I do.

And all it's empty promises...


Mac McLernon said...

Litany... not Liturgy!


Brian said...

And all its empty promises i.e. that it will sync with my IPAQ PDA - not! Grrrr!!!!!


Timothy Mills said...

From one sort of evangelist to another, have you checked out Linux lately? I've known Windows sufferers to find refuge in the very user-friendly Linux Mint.

The Cellarer said...


Thanks for tip. If I have to do a full reinstall again, it won't be Windows going back on again, that's for sure.