Monday, 19 October 2009

Any chance of a building swap?

This is St John's. Before the injury, when I could, I stopped in on the way home. It is a beautiful church in which to stop and pray.

Unfortunately it is St John's Episcopal Church. Full photo tour here

My parish, and before I get into trouble, is a great parish with a great priest, is unfortunately in a building sense, this.

The original Church, which had been the diocesan Cathedral, burnt to the ground in 1961 and was replaced by the above. You can see more photo's here. - Need to click photo tab.

On my travels in Scotland and England my shoulders usually drop as we drive past a medieval / Victorian Church on the way to Mass in a late 20th Century box.

At the end of the day, It is a small price to pay though.

A wee thought. Where a C of E / C of S parish folds with a good Church building, should we actively be trying to get a hold of them to use? The 'old buildings are expensive' argument does not always hold, some 60's / 70's buildings were so poorly designed and / or constructed they eat money as fast as older properties.

Anyone know of any examples where a RC parish has taken over a folded C of S / C of E parish Church?

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gemoftheocean said...

My symnpathies. Worshipping in a "meeting room" isn't easy.