Saturday, 3 October 2009

Assault on Mark

As I'm laid up, I'm going to launch an assault study on the gospel of Mark.

My guides will be

Bible, Catholic RSV version. An old 1966 version, imprimatur is Archbishop Gordon Joesph with nihil obstat by (now Canon) T Hanlon, both of my old St A&E stomping ground.

Bible, CTS New Catholic Bible - Jerusalem version, also the notes

A new Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture Editorial committee had 4 OSB's on it...Interestingly, Cardinal Heenan notes in the foreward reading of the Bible was being encouraged two generations before VII.

What was Mark at? - A commentary - Wilfrid Harrington OP

How to read the New Testament - Etienne Charpentier

Any other suggestions? Particularly online one's!


Brian said...

I love Mark's gospel! It's Jesus on the move. A man on a mission. Focused. Decisive. Compassionate and Loving. A real male role model.

Note to myself: I should be studying Dei Verbum and other stuff and not blogging!

Eric Sammons said...

It's not online, but I recommend the volume on the Gospel of Mark by Mary Healy for the new Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture. The whole series has some impressive names attached to it and I found the volume on Mark very worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

There's the Markan Matrix by David Palmer (Methodist Minister).

I tried reading it before and to be honest, it was one of those moments that i realised that it was too clever for me.

Big words and ideas notwithstanding, I have no idea if it's good or not, although i know a few non-RC Minister types who have said it's "Good".