Thursday, 22 October 2009

Culture of Death works in many ways

Call to end middle class benefits

Benefits for the middle classes should be taken away to avoid higher taxes, a centre-right think tank has suggested.

Reform says payments including maternity pay, child benefit,

Labour has spent years discouraging people to have children with a range of anti family policies, now the biscuit tin is empty there are calls (from the right, here, but they will all be looking at it) for variety of benefits to be halted. Were we to lose maternity pay and child benefit this would be big disincentive to many people either having children at all or having any more.

Standard Political Caveat - No Party Bias here - I can't be doing with labour - p.c. secular agenda. I cant be doing with the liberals. Anti Life Policies. I can't be doing with the Tories. Me, Me, Me laissez faire capitalism. Really struggling to vote for anyone next election!

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