Friday, 23 October 2009

EWTN in Scotland

EWTN have been in Scotland filming. Commentary with photo's here. Use the archives posts in the side bar on the right to see all posts of trip.

They have been to Pluscarden Abbey, interviewed James MacMillan, Sr Rosanne Reddy of the Sister of the Gospel of Life and Cardinal O'Brien of St Andrew and Edinburgh Archdiocese, among others.

The majority of this weeks tapings are intended for a new EWTN series slated to air in 2010, entitled "My country, My Faith". His eminence, Cardinal Keith O Brien, is among this days guests, although he will appear on another series entitled "Catholic lives Scotland"

There is a great need for the Gospel in Scotland, the only Scottish seminary has closed, the Pro Life movement is small and Catholicism is under siege culturally. Nethertheless, there are many who have 'lit one candle' and who can use our prayers.

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