Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Holiness - St Martin of Tours & Abba Anthony

It was a while back (11 Nov) but in the Office of Readings, St Martin of Tours, when about to die;

He saw the devil standing near and cried out, 'Blood stained beast, what are you doing here? You will find nothing of yours in me, you living death. I go to the arms of Abraham. These were his last words. Then he surrended his soul to God.

I thought, imagine being able to say that at the hour of your death! But then, fine for him, a Bishop, a saint.

But immediately came to mind

It was revealed to Abba Anthony in his desert that there was one who was his equal in the city. He was a doctor by profession and whatever he had beyond his needs he gave to the poor, and every day he sang the thrice-holy hymn with the angels. (The Sayings of the Desert Fathers)

The bar has been set pretty high for us all


berenike said...

Here's a blog composed by a friend of mine, which I think you might like:
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The Cellarer said...

That blog is the sort of place I could spend way too much time...