Sunday, 6 December 2009

Anglican Spotting

SUB TUUM has produced a High and Hazy, Low and Lazy, Broad and Crazy - guide to anglican churches.

You could use it to identify Episcopal / C of E churches you know, go to a wedding at or even try to work it out from say your local 'piskie / C of E website.

So for example, where I was baptised would be High liturgy and a progressive parish - An old Anglo Catholic parish which retains a very high liturgy but has gone down the 'inclusive' road. They used 'Affirming Catholicism' publications as well.

Up the road in Balerno the thriving evangelical St Mungo's are a Low & Conservative parish.

As always, it's not always that simple. St Michael and All Saints in Edinburgh look almost off the scale for tradition, their 'Mystery Worshipper' review noted the Mass was celebrated facing East...but they have a lady assistant priest. So do they get a High and Conservative rating or a high and progressive rating...

My local episcopal parish here would be as for my baptism parish, albeit not as high up the candle liturgically, though they do reserve their sacrament, probably enough to get a High as opposed to Broad / Middle rating!

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