Thursday, 11 March 2010

CaFE. Hmmmmm.

Our parish has been showing the 'Life to The Full' (click the Life to the Full tab) (NB Those with an aversion to praise music are warned to turn volume down now!) CaFE series.

I've gone along as I'm fairly new to the parish, good way to meet people and also to expose myself, challenge I suppose, to something different, I've seen some CaFE stuff before - to make a change from the Benedictine / Eastern Catholic & Orthodox books that line my shelves.

I found the first one interesting, but the third one just grated. Maybe it was the praise music, sounded the same as my oldest friend's Baptist Church, maybe it was relentless over the top charismatic happiness, maybe it was the stand up and put your hands out prayer at the end. That did grate. But I came home feeling spiritually uneasy. I know (as they often do) my eyeballs rolled into the ceiling at some points.

Anyone else had a similar experience?


Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. is right.

FYI. I have had that feeling all too often.

I have also maybe just discovered since I became catholic I have an aversion to anyone preaching to me who doesn't wear a Roman vestments.

Especially throught he medium of video.

Is that un-healthy?

Anonymous said...

I think I once started to go to that. First one really good. Outline of Salvation history. Second one gruesome with someone miming most of the time. Didn't get any further. Is that the thing you went to?

I can't bear that kind of music - I dedn't realise it had a name - I refer to it as 'Jesus-is-my-boyfriend-music' as that seems to be the level of it. I was at something recently in our Church Hall where there was this kind of music played and, as I tried not to roll my eyes, I looked round and there was a man a little way along the row almost in tears - clearly moved in a positive way. I felt ashamed of myself, pulled back my eyeballs and thought, 'It takes all sorts'!