Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Cafe Hmmmmmm Pt 2

After Cafe Hmmmmmm,

I've gone to the subsequent sessions, partly as I say to expose myself to something different in the Church, but sub-conciously I reckon expecting a substantial purgatorial credit!

Anyway, ended with people coming up to leaders on DVD to be 'prayed with' and hands laid on, though David Payne very clear to point out not a blessing. Parish groups invited to do same. The lady organising it came accross and asked would I like to be prayed with. I declined and again we discussed just how uncomfortable this stuff again had made me feel, to each their own.

The whole thing again just made me feel very uneasy. Not in a way that being uneasy is sometimes an invitation to do something difficult which can lead to something good, but the same sort of uneasyness that I felt again today when watching those LA RE Congress liturgical abuse videos.

I'm not saying no good comes from the Charasmatic Movement - see this article, but it's not for me - suum cuique pulchrum est

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