Monday, 29 March 2010

Eastern Advice for Holy Week

10 tips for holy week and Pascha - from Charming the Birds from the trees

H/T to Byzantine, Texas

1. Make participation at the Services a priority

2. In our homes we should strive to “keep out the world” and enter into the peace, solemnity, and theology of the events of the last days of our Lord.

3. Be sure to read the last chapters of the Holy Gospels that speak of the Passion, Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ.

4. If you are visiting another parish and wish to receive Communion, make sure that the priest knows who you are and that you are prepared. This should be done in advance by phone, email, or any other way.

Shows the emphasis Eastern / Catholic / Orthodox place on the Eucharist. I have read that it is said "priests will have to account for their care of the Eucharist at their judgement", hence why they are so careful!

5. Last year’s palms and pussy willows should be placed outside in an area to decay where they will not be disturbed. They are holy and should not be simply thrown out with the garbage.

EC;s & EO's do not do Ash Wed, this one is for them!

6. Before venerating Holy Objects, such as the Cross, the Chalice, Icons, or the Winding-Sheet, make sure to wipe off your lipstick or chapstick. Reminder: we do not kiss the face of our Lord, His Mother, or the Saints; in-stead kiss the hands or feet.

7. If you haven’t yet made your Confession during Great Lent, try to make it during the beginning of Holy Week. Speak with your priest to arrange a time.

8. Try to make amends with those we may be upset with or those who are upset with us, so that on Pascha we can joyfully sing, “Let us call brothers, even those that hate us, and forgive all by the Resurrection!”

9. Try to stay after the “Midnight Service” on Pascha morning for the blessing of baskets and festive meal. Let us share in the joy of the Lord’s Resurrection with fellowship and love.

None of this 4pm still light malarky!

10. During Bright Week, sing or read the Paschal Hours instead of your “normal” morning and evening prayers. Let the joy of praising the Lord’s Resurrection accompany you throughout Bright Week, the Paschal season, and your whole life.

Taken from Fr John's Sunday Bulletin


Anonymous said...

Are we on the same date this year?

They put great emphasis on confession before mass too. I read somewhere in some places it was just about obligatory.

Anonymous said...

err..I mean before the Eucharist/Divine Liturgy dont I. :-)

The Cellarer said...

I'm not sure it's 'officially' required but I've read the same that some priests (Russian?) will not give you communion if they do not know for sure you were at confession very recently.