Thursday, 4 March 2010

Headmaster regrets loss of 'Catholic world'

THE head of one of Scotland's leading Catholic schools has said the religious world he and others grew up in "is gone".
John Stoer, headmaster of St Aloysius' College in Glasgow, said it was quite painful that a joined-up "Catholic world" of school, parish and home was no more.Click for full article in The Herald

For all but a few it's gone. In my wife's day (she went to a Catholic school) the majority of staff were religious sisters. The Parish Priest had assistants and there would usually be a curate kicking about. Most would be in and out of the school regularly. Most pupils would go to Mass on a Sunday.

Now priests have three or more parishes and struggle to do more than celebrate sacraments in schools. Many are older and have lost that ability to relate to children, i.e. in past would have had the asst / curate do this. No religious brothers or sisters in schools. Low percentage of pupil's attending Mass.

My analogy is that we have currently been pushed back into the trenches and are pinned down. Not time to give up, time to dig in until times get better and go over the top and reclaim lost land...

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