Monday, 15 March 2010

Latin heard at Mass!

Up seeing parents at weekend and took opportunity with better half to go to Mass in old traditional Church - St Mary's Stirling, as a break from the architectural purgatory (as always, great priest, great parish, dreadful church building - before I get into trouble!)we have to endure. St Mary's does not have a website, will have to take camera next time. The rederos behind the main altar have been removed at some point and a divine mercy Christ painting added, which has gold glitter around Him, which I'm afraid reminded me of the type of finish we get when my kids and I put pritt stick on a page and pour glitter over it!

Fr Owens (away this week) has a good choir going, and they did the Kyrie, Agnus Dei etc in Latin. The hymns were either penetential or at least not joyful, in keeping with the season. It was uplifting, if you can say that in Lent.

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berenike said...

We had the sanctus from Mass XVIII at (bog standard weekday 8 am) Mass :)

New organist is keen on doing lots of chant, and the pp apparently "wants some Latin" :)