Monday, 31 January 2011

The Nazi's - A warning from history

The Nazi's - A warning from history is the title of an often repeated programme on Yesterday channel, or as one comedian put it as they show so many Nazi programs, The Nazi's were bad people, we get it channel.

Reading "20th Century History" magazine in the library, the following struck me from an analysis of the fall of the Weimar republic

Chancellor Bruning attempts to control the situation (the economic crisis caused by Wall St crash) by raising taxes and cutting public spending proved extremely unpopular with both the ordinary population and his fellow politicians. As he struggled to maintain the confidence of the Reichstag, people began to look elsewhere for a way out of the situation. It was in this climate that political extremism began to flourish.

Where will people look today? I fear to the BNP and the like, blaming immigrants or to the far right, laisse faire capatalism - 'every man for themselves'.

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