Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ex Pluscarden monk now Episcopalian priest in Edinburgh.

As an ex Anglo Catholic baptised at OSP, now Catholic with a Benedictine slant, interesting to note that an ex-monk at Pluscarden has gone the other way.
Fr Stephen Holmes has joined Old Saint Paul’s as a part-time non-stipendiary Assistant Priest. He was licensed by the Right Reverend Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, and Acting Bishop of the Diocese of Edinburgh, at the start of High Mass on Sunday 29 January. Fr Stephen has followed an unusual route to Old Saint Paul’s, including eighteen years in a Benedictine monastery.
The picture is of the high altar.


NPBH said...

And? Are your attempting to scandalise or am I missing something. I'm a former monk of Buckfast who has since become a professional soldier with tours of Bosnia,Kosovo,Iraq and Afghan' under my belt. Is that news worthy or even interesting? No,of course not.People move on and his rejection of Rome is no big deal.

Lamentably Sane said...

Very sad.