Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prayers Needed

Of your charity, please pray for someone who has been diagnosed with agressive bowel cancer, large tumour, pregnant wife.

Thank you.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Catholic Teacher Initiative

 How effective this initiative will be remains to be seen, but at least something is being tried. In Scotland we have similar problems, there are many Catholic posts, particularly Primary Head Teacher posts that are re - advertised many times, and sometimes not filled, as there are simply not enough / no applicants.

 All teachers asked to consider Catholic School leadership

Catholic teachers working in non-Catholic schools are being invited to attend a course run by the Diocesan Education Service entitled “Towards Leadership of a Catholic Primary or Secondary School”. The course will help teachers discover whether they are being called to a senior role in Catholic education.
The course, which will take place on Saturday 13 October is aimed at all subject leaders, middle managers and assistant head teachers from non-Catholic schools. It is intended to introduce teachers to the special expectations and requirements of teaching within a faith setting.
(Diocese of Westminster)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New Auxiliary Bishop for Edinburgh

Mgr Robson (I'm pretty sure, it was a while ago!) did a slot on the postgrad I did, it was very good.

Pray for him in his new post.


SCMO News Release

Archdiocese of Edinburgh News

Saturday, 18 February 2012


The Life in Christ originates in this life, it is perfected in the life to come (Nicholas Cabasilas)
Thus, as children of God, we should always be aiming at perfection. But demanding it with a perfectionism that cannot accept failure misses the point of who we still are. (From Philokalia - The Bible of Orthodox Spirituality)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Ex Pluscarden monk now Episcopalian priest in Edinburgh.

As an ex Anglo Catholic baptised at OSP, now Catholic with a Benedictine slant, interesting to note that an ex-monk at Pluscarden has gone the other way.
Fr Stephen Holmes has joined Old Saint Paul’s as a part-time non-stipendiary Assistant Priest. He was licensed by the Right Reverend Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway, and Acting Bishop of the Diocese of Edinburgh, at the start of High Mass on Sunday 29 January. Fr Stephen has followed an unusual route to Old Saint Paul’s, including eighteen years in a Benedictine monastery.
The picture is of the high altar.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The Way

"Run while you have the light of life,
lest the darkness of death overtake you" (John 12:35). - RB Prologue

Arise, then, but do so at once, without delay. Do not defer your purpose till "tonight" or "tommorow" or "later", when I have finished what I have to do just now. The interval may be fatal. - Tito Colliander
Finally got to see the The Way the line that struck me;

(Hostel keeper asked why she had never done the The Way)

"When I was young, I was too busy, now I am old, I am too tired."
My age would be considered neither young nor old, but I am certainly too busy and tired with responsibilites. But is that good enough reason to put certain things off? No.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Press on Regardless

Press on regardless: unofficial motto of RAF, meant to show "keenness" to fly through adversity to the target - often stupid advice. Many men died "pressing on regardless" of severe icing and "duff" engines and died because of it. Often used in an ironic way to show resignation to keeping on with a task no matter how ridiculous or unpleasant. Also used as an expression to "buck up" those who were depressed about something.

It is hoped that pressing on regardless may at some point lead to some blogging again!